Tips For Reducing Retail Theft

Theft is common in the retail industry and if you don’t take effective steps to minimise the risks, you may face huge losses and risk the future of the company as well. There are many things you can do to manage theft. Most importantly, you need to increase visibility in the store to prevent such incidents. Would be thieves should understand the danger of stealing from a store that is under strict surveillance. People generally tend to shy away from stealing if they know there are cameras or if the packaging of the products is difficult to open or take away.

CCTV installation Sydney is a way of discouraging shoplifters and also employee theft. Make sure that the cameras cover the entire area of the store. You need to go through a vigilant screening when it comes to hiring employees. Make sure you check their references thoroughly. A well trained staff can also discourage shoplifting as they will interact with the customers and be at hand whenever necessary. It is important to arrange the aisle and shelves to increase the visibility of the store so that your employees can spot a shoplifter very quickly. Proper lighting can also help in increasing the visibility. Open and visually accessible places discourage people from stealing due to high exposure.

You need to use the right technology as well. It is better to use retail store video analytics along with the CCTV security cameras Melbourne as they will save you a lot of time and manpower when it comes to analyzing the video feed. You can simply personalise the system to spot irregularities and once it catches suspicious activity, you will get an instant alert. You need to use technology to its maximum potential to heighten security. Therefore, integrated technological solutions can help a great deal. You need to take physical inventory regularly to spot inconsistencies as well.

You need to analyze all the data you receive so that you can use the findings to prevent future theft. You can also use it to identify the preferences of your customers and how they move through the store. Design plays an important role in affecting the behaviour of people. You can see how you can maximize productivity by improving upon the information you receive. Not only that, you have to involve your whole team in combating theft. Your employees should have an understanding of the security protocols in place and the plan of action in the case of an incident. Therefore, they need to be trained in theft prevention whether it is shoplifting or employee theft. The courses of action available in such events should be discussed in detail to give them a better understanding of the subject and also discourage improper behaviour.